A Women’s Perspective on Anal Sex

By Olive Day on May 11, 2011

Like all of the other A Women's Perspective videos, Emily McCombs nails this one on the fucking head. In celebration of our next top 10 which is the top Anal Babes in the adult industry (go send your vote for top anal babes to @olive_zzinsider on twitter!) I figured it’d be fitting to dive into the inner monologue most women have on the topic of the sexy yet sometimes scary sex act that is anal.

Phoenix Marie actually posted a really awesome article on her blog called, Anal 101 for everyone! Which is a must read for anyone who wants to embark on the sexual quest that is anal. But seriously guys, who told you that the “it just slipped” excuse actually works?

I’m lucky that throughout my sexual conquests I have not had to deal with that awkward fork in the road, but I sure have heard a lot of girls complain about it. If you want to try anal sex guys, I’m sure if you talk to your girl she’d be up for doing it.I know that talking isn’t sexy for some guys, but it’s consensual which is pretty hot if you ask me.

 If you’re a fan of Emily McCombs and want to see more A Women's Perspective videos visit Asylum’s YouTube site and be sure to follow Emily on Twitter!

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