A Women’s Perspective on Porn

By Olive Day on February 18, 2011

When AOL shut down one of our favorite sites, asylum.com we were all really bummed we would no longer get weekly “Women’s Perspectives” videos. Throughout Women’s Perspectives brief stint on the website, Editor Emily McCombs covered a various amount of topics from male crying to auto-erotic asphyxiation giving (you guessed it) a women’s perspective. Luckily for you fine people of the ZZ world all of Emily’s perspectives can be found on YouTube. Here is one of the videos shedding light on the subject of porn. With such a dark view on porn, we don't think Emily has ever seen Brazzers, Wicked or Keni Styles before... So she may have to get on that and join theZZ love train.

Find more A Women's Perspective videos here and visit Emily McCombs Facebook page for more information on upcoming work.

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