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Alexis Ford Plays Emma Frost: ZZ Style

By Summer on November 28, 2011

The last time we interviewed Alexis Ford, she was squirting all over Kieran in a Doctors outfit.  We even gave away her hot ass tights to one lucky S.O.B on Twitter.

On this set, we go behinds the scenes of an upcoming xxx-rated parody of Xmen where the Blond vixen plays Emma Frost or as she adorable puts it “The Ice lady”. In this interview, we go real deep (forgive the pun), with Alexis as she tells us her sexual preferences in the bedroom.   She shares with us the importance of penis size, much to our cameraman’s dismay, as well as anal versus vaginal orgasms.  She even goes on to explain the pleasure of a male orgasm via his prostate! I’ll let you watch the video to see what I’m talking about.  The hot babe is also in anal BIG time.  What for can we ask for from a Brazzers starlet? Watch the NSFW version to check out her goods and see the sex kitten in action! Alexis is one hot sex-loving nympho!

NSFW: See Alexis Ford at Brazzers

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