Alexis Texas and her Golden Vagina

By Olive Day on April 27, 2011

It’s no secret Alexis Texas has the most gorgeous ass in the adult industry. It’s usually the main topic of any conversation we have with the blonde beauty when she sits down for a ZZinsider interview. We can’t be blamed for it, that girl just got junk in her trunk that we can’t get out of our minds! In fact, she was number 1 on Elegant Angel’s Top 10 Sexiest Asses in Porn voted by fans from around the world. Our team of in house ass and vagina molders worked around the clock to make her the most gorgeous and well deserved golden vagina in honor of her super fly behind. We’re surprised that this kind gesture didn’t make her weep, but we’re glad she was able to please her fans by doing what she does best; shaking her money maker! If you're watching this at work or with your girlfriend in the room be prepared to explain the vagina is not real... If I were you I'd wait to watch this video until you get home because it is a little on the NSFW side!

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  • On April 09, 2013, Drocerr said...
    best ever.