Alison Starr Montage: Sexy Euro Babe

By Olive Day on May 13, 2011

Holy crap, European pornstars are hot! I don’t know what I was expecting, we’ve done a top 10 euro babes in the past, and when I went on the France trip in High School I was drooling the entire time but anytime I see  a girl I haven’t seen online before I go gaga. I think I also have a thing for hot exotic girls wearing crowns. Is that something? I don’t know. But seriously, getting back to how hot euro pornstars are, Alison Starr is only the beginning and definitely does not set the bar high for the slew of Euro girls we caught behind the scenes recently during some scenes Brazzer’s shot in Europe.  

Alison Starr is a pornstar from Budapest who has already starred in 4 scenes with Brazzers. They’re all hot and one of them is a 3 way with Micah Moore which makes her my favorite person right now.

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