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Angelika Black: ZZ Eurobabe Montage

By Olive Day on August 02, 2011

 Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any hotter, we find a montage of one of the hottest Eurobabes around; Angelika Black! This young pornographic actress hails from Romania and is known all around the world for her incredible figure and super-hot sex moves. In fact, she won the coveted 2009 Hot d’Or award for Best European Starlet. I’m assuming that it is the European equivalent of the AVN awards, but you never know with those sexy euros, everything sounds so formal and important. They could be telling me to stop staring at their tits and I’d be turned on.

Angelika Black was born on October 25th 1987 and is 23 years old. She has been in around 100 scenes, and has shot with Brazzers six times. After watching this montage, I encourage you to go straight to your ZZ accounts and get fapping!

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    Angelika Is fucking INSANELY hot!
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