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April O’Neil & Gia Dimarco: Two Hot Sizzlling Naughty Schoolgirls

By Summer on December 01, 2011

Two hot sizzling Brunettes in naughty schoolgirl outfits… This couldn’t be a better porn scene if it tried to be.  April O’Neil  and Gia Dimarco are two of the hottest brunettes in the biz..They come together on the set of Big Tits  At School to create some awesome lesbian porn utopia  and there is no doubt they are hot for each other on this Brazzers set.  Even while shooting the stills, you can see the sexual chemistry between these two. And when Gia drools on April’s perfect natural breasts while sitting on top of her.. Well, you’ll have to watch our NSFW version to see what I’m talking about!

NSFW: Watch April O’Neil  & Gia Dimarco in action at Brazzers

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