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Behind the Scenes: Kayla Carrera

By Ron Ecstasy on November 11, 2011

Kayla Carrera is a babe, at 5’8 she stands head and shoulders over many of her fellow porn sluts, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m kind of into the Amazons myself, and Kayla is definitely my style.  This video catches her outclassing all the other babes (sorry babes) with her dick handling styles.

I’m not entirely sure of the premise (sorry scriptwriters, see you at lunch) but it looks like a high-school reunion sketch. Kayla and her slutted-out crew are hanging with a total stud, he goes off to take a piss and WOAH the girls find giant dick pics on his phone. Its unclear why homie was taking them (perhaps he planned to run for governor) but now Kayla knows what to do.

Time to get sexy in the coat room.

NSFW: Check out Kayla Carrera in action at Brazzers.

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