Behind the Scenes of Fear and Loathing, A Porn Parody

By Willow Monroe on April 02, 2012

We go behind the Scenes of a fucktacular porn parody of Terry Gilliam’s film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, brought to you by the pervy geniuses at Brazzers. The parody stars the likes of Jordan Ash and the luscious Lexi Belle. In this first part of our footage, we get to see Jordan transform into his character, and though he’s no Johnny Depp, he does a fantastic job of conjuring the spirit of Hunter, even going so far as to shave a bald spot on his head to play the role. Lexi and Jordan have a battle of wits as they answer our skill testing trivia questions about the film. I was impressed. Not only does Jordan know how to fuck like a champ, he’s also very up on his movie trivia, proving once more that pornstars have more going for them than their pretty faces. 

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