Behind the Scenes of The Figure Skank

By Willow Monroe on March 19, 2012

Last week, Miles casted his porny spotlight on Big Tits in Sports. This week, we go behind the scenes of The Figure Skank, a Big Tits In Sports skin flick featuring the jizztastic, Jessica Nyx, and male co-star, Ramon. The two show us the kind of pro-skating moves you’d expect from a couple of hotties born and raised among palm trees and sunny beaches. Forget triple axels and Salchow jumps.  Ramon twirling and whirling in an electric blue leotard is a sight that won’t soon be forgotten.  Jessica, is just as awkward on skates, albeit entirely adorable in her on-ice clumsiness. Good thing these two got plenty of game when it comes to fucking. Ramon is a stud with dicking skills that land him a perfect score every time, and Jessica’s creativity and passion makes her gold metal material. Be sure to check out these Brazzers pornstars delivering moves that place them among the ranks of true winners.  

NSFWThe Figure Skank


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