Behind the Scenes with Audrey Bitoni

By Willow Monroe on December 19, 2011

Get an up close and personal glimpse of the luscious, Audrey Bitoni.  Curvaceous, cute, and low-key. You won’t find her tweeting among the twitterati or caught in the fray of a busy mall. She hates shopping. Is obviously not your everyday garden variety of gorgeousness. I’m thinking this gal is a bit of a wild flower. However, she does enjoy interacting with her admirers.  Audrey tells us that when it comes to meeting her fans, “that’s why I enjoy feature dancing… I enjoy meeting all of them in various cities I go.” Can’t help thinking I would love to know where she’s headed next. Seems our girl will be in L.A. for the holidays as she’s thinking of taking in a Lakers game over Christmas.  She confesses to being a bit of a Grinch who’d rather avoid the holiday mayhem. It’s okay, Audrey. I’ll take you as you are. You don’t have to be dressed as a Christmas elf to slide down my chimney.

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