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Behind the Scenes with Jenni Lee

By Willow Monroe on January 06, 2012

Tennessee born babe, Jenni Lee, shoots with Brazzers for the second time ever! Sexy, svelte, and juicily delicious, Jenni will get under your skin and make you tingle in anticipation. This gal proffers plenty in these on and off the set takes and interviews. Her pretty pussy and perky palm sized tits are perfectly lit and beautifully displayed as she writhes on the floor. Tune in for the raunchy goodness but keep an ear open to discover more about this multi-faceted fox. Our girl has interests that range from riding motorcycles to neuroscience. Currently living in Las Vegas, Jenni enjoys all things outdoorsy, but when  in town she’ll take in a show at the Cirque du Soleil or play competitive poker. Her favorite band? Her favorite thing to watch on TV? Keep your eye on the prize to find out! Jenni’s sure to get your fluids flowing.      

NSFW: Check out Jenni Lee at Brazzers  

NSFW:  Jenni Lee Mobile Porn

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