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Behind the Scenes with Jenni Lee Part 2

By Willow Monroe on January 09, 2012

Poker playing porn princess, Jenni Lee, divulges even more of her goodies in part two of these behind the scenes takes from the Brazzers’ film, Suck For My Silence.  Her flirtatious flashing of lashes and even lovelier lady-parts will leave you yearning for more. Love the tatt on her marvelous mound, but you’ll have to catch the NSFW version of this vid to reap the pleasure of this particular close-up . Jenni reveals that she’ll be retiring soon, even though she enjoys the biz profoundly more now that she’s working for Brazzers. The reason? She confesses she’s not quite comfortable with the MILF label she’s beginning to be associated with. But I say MILFs are marvelous and so is Jenni Lee. Don’t care how you want to categorize that luscious cunt of hers. No matter how you tag her, our girl is scrumptious and entirely sexy. Tune in and find out her personal highlights and lowlights from working in the industry, as well as what she plans to do after she retires. She’s sure to impress with you with more than her sweet lips. 

NSFW: See Jenni Lee in Suck for My Silence @ Brazzers

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