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Blue Angel turns into a Pornstar before our eyes

By Summer on September 02, 2011

Watch Sexy Pornstar  Blue Angel come to life on set as she gets ready to shoot in a grimy-looking basement for upcoming Brazzer’s scene Teens Like It Big.  It’s pretty interesting to watch how a regular looking babe goes from cute teen to sexified slut with the help of hair, makeup and the right slutty outfit. Once the fishnets go on, a Pornstar is born.  Seriously, is there anything hotter than watching a girl put some fishnets and stilettos on?  The blond Milf doing her makeup is pretty smoking too. Too bad they don’t have an extra pair of ripped fishnet stockings they can throw her so she can join the fun.  This babe goes all out for the shoot climbing on garbage cans and doing a balancing act just to get a good shot. Check out her NSFW video where she shows us what she’s really working with…

Check out her upcoming scene at (NSFW) Brazzers Teens Like It Big

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