Bounce That Dick By Jenna Marbles

By Miles Holden on December 23, 2011

Violet Blue recently came out as a Jenna Marbles fan, and I can see why. This chick is somewhat of a YouTube celebrity, with such videos as: What Girls Think About During Sex, How To Trick People Into Thinking Your Good Looking, and What Girls Do When They’re Drunk, it’s no surprise that this bleached blonde California bade is an Internet legend.

Jenna Marbles' latest video, Bounce That Dick, has gone viral; receiving over a million views in just two days. The hype is worth it; this video is fucking hilarious. Not only can she actually kind of rap, but her parody of rappers and videos that demand chicks to always be shaking there asses is spot on.

Everyone likes a good booty shake, but it’s about time someone turned the table on us dudes. I don’t mind being treated like a piece of meat once in a while. In fact, I lie twirling my dick for your viewing pleasure.

“Goddamn, look at you with that giant cock-ta-pus!” Fucking brilliant!

“Baby show me what you’re working with

and make that dick twirl
Drop your hammer like Thor
And shake it till it’s sore
I want penises galore
In this bitch like Jersey Shore”

Amaze-balls! Jenna Marbles, I’ll bounce my dick for you any day, but since we live on opposite coasts, I’ll just have to stalk your YouTube channel like the rest of us dick bouncers. 

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