Brazzers Babe Sophia Fiore (Part Two)

By Randall Vicks on July 22, 2013

Today we've got part two of our interview with the lovely Sophia Fiore, one of our favorite new porn stars here at Brazzers. In today's video, she discusses how becoming a porn star has affected the sex she has in her personal life, who her favorite porn stars are, what her porn-related goals for the future are, and more. She also ofers us some helpful BBQ tips, and tells a story about a long lost lover. If you were at a nightclub a few years ago, and ended up having sex with Sophia Fiore in a jacuzzi, congrats! Not only did you fuck a porn star without even knowing it, but you're also "the one that got away." That must be a rough one. Well, if that lucky soul is reading this right now, here's to you. Why not check her out in the Big Tits In Sports scene, "Slutty Girl Fitness" (NSFW), to take a sexy trip down memory lane. 

Brazzers Babe Sophia Fiore (Part One)

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