Brazzers Porn Legend Houston (Part Two)

By Willow Monroe on August 21, 2012

In this second part of our exclusive interview with porn legend, Houston, we got all the juicy details about her performance in the world’s biggest gangbang. Sleeping with 620 men is the kind of epic event that happens only once, and Houston gives us an insider’s look on just what that unprecedented experience was like and how it shaped her. She also gave us the scoop on other highlights from her career, including the time she sold a piece of her labia. Find out who bought it, how much was paid, and where it is today. Also in this head-to-head interview, find out more about Houston’s musical career, info on her tell-all book, and just what us fans can look forward to from her in the near future, including her upcoming Brazzers scene.

See part one of this fab interview with Houston, here.     

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