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Brazzers Porn Star Aaliyah Love

By Randall Vicks on July 29, 2013

Today we've got the gorgeous Aaliyah Love for you, frolicking about in the back of a limo and answering every question our dirty little minds could think to ask. We asked her all about filming her first Boy/Girl scene, and she spilled all the juicy details. She talked about her favorite positions, what she likes in bed, why she picked the legendary Mr. Johnny Sins, and her favorite part about shooting with guys versus shooting with girls. She also asks the men of the world to stop worrying about the size of their penises, which is something we've heard a lot here on ZZ Insider. Not that i'll stop anyone from worrying about their dick size, of course, but it's still a kind gesture on her part. Of course, as always, the real good stuff is in the NSFW version, which you can access by clicking the switch below the movie and registering for a free account. If you want to see the scene  the lovely lady shot after talking to our dirty minded selves, check Aaliyah Love out in the Pornstars Like it Big scene, "Aaliyah Fucks Her Biggest Fan" (NSFW)

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  • On September 15, 2013, DaPleaser said...
    I want to become a porn star! I'm a very attractive black male I have a decent body, well endowed...I have many videos I've made myself all over fb groups..I even have my own group filled with them...can someone point me in the right direction to be noticed...or who to contact or where to upload my vids to get noticed...
  • On September 15, 2013, DaPleaser said...
    I want to become a porn star...I'm a very attractive male with many videos I've already made which are lived by many on do I get started or noticed for the chance
  • On August 17, 2013, wordguy said...
    Anyone know the music used in the slow motion sequence in the full clip? Not the jazzy one above.
  • On August 15, 2013, mcilltah said...
    would b too cool to b able to download. Can this be done please?