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Brazzers Porn Star Isis Love (Part Two)

By Randall Vicks on July 17, 2013

Another day, another sexy buck naked lady telling us all about her intimate little secrets. Life is good. There's just something about a naked girl lounging in bed that gets me going. I like to imagine getting home after a hard day's work writing about pornstars, just to find one waiting for me on my bed. Like Isis Love and her adorable little back dimples. In today's video we learn all kinds of wonderful little serets about the gorgeous lady, including her favorite stars to work with, her favorite video games, and all kinds of other juicy goodies. It turns out she's also something of a survivalist, so if ever you were planning on heading into the wilderness, she would be a good person to bring along. She could catch your dinner, prepare it, and then blow you when it's done. Now that's true love. 


Brazzers Porn Star Isis Love (Part One)

The scene Isis was filming when we spoke to her, called "Isis's Slutty Alter Ego," (NSFW) sadly isn't out yet, but don't panic, there's plenty more Isis where that came from. Why not check Isis Love and Blake Rose out in the Hot and Mean scene, "Bathing Suit Beauties"  (also NSFW)

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