Brazzers Porn Star Jada Stevens (Part One)

By Randall Vicks on June 26, 2013

OK guys, here's the deal. I know I say this a lot, but we seriously do have a treat for you guys today. She's one of the reigning Queens of anal sex, and has one of the most amazing asses in porn. And trust me when I say that's not something I say about just anybody. Seriously, Jada Stevens has an ass so nice that it's become one of the most popular gifs on the entire internet, and for a damn good reason. Behold:


Click for larger image

Right? Yeah. Well, never fear, because in today's video we've got her talking about anal, masturbating, and what exactly it means to be "dick drunk." So go ahead and give the video a watch, then maybe go back to that gif one more time, then check out the sweet linkage below.


Wondering what lasers and oil they're talking about in the video? Check out Jada Stevens in the Big Wet Butts scene, "Laser Show Double-Blow" (NSFW) for all of the juicy action.

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