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Brazzers Porn Star Lily Carter (Part One)

By Randall Vicks on June 19, 2013

Today we've got a special treat for you guys. Her name is Lily Carter, she's an AVN Award winner, and she's sexy as hell. In our intimate little chat with the sultry starlet, we discuss her past as a cheerleader, her love of erotic literature, why she thinks girls are sexier than guys, and the best way to calm her down before a shoot (hint: it involves cock). And as a special bonus for all you gamers out there, if you pay special attention, you just might hear young Ms. Carter reveal where you can find her online (when she's taking a break from getting fucked for us here at Brazzers, that is).

NSFW Trailer: As always, the really good stuff can be seen in the NSFW version, where we get a nice sneak preview of Lily Carter in the She's Gonna Squirt scene, "Gushing With Passion."

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