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Brazzers Porn Star Veruca James (Part One)

By Randall Vicks on July 03, 2013

I know we're a little earlier than usual with today's video post, but as soon as I got ahold of this bad boy, I knew you guys had to check it out. Not only do we have everyone's favorite alt girl Veruca James in the video today, but we also get to heear from the prince of pound himself, Mr. Erik Everhard. This guy has seen more fine pussy than the editor of cat fancy magazine, and he's here to tell us a little bit about why Veruca James is such a pleasure to work with. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but the term "perfect asshole" gets thrown around in there more than once, and that's not something that Mr. Everhard would say lightly. Now, the NSFW video is clearly always the superior one (my highly specialized math training allows me to confirm that boobs > no boobs), but this time, trust me, you really want to see the NSFW version. Veruca is all personality in the interviews, and that's great, but if you check out the NSFW video, you'll get a nice taste of how awesome it would be to fuck her. So if you haven't already registered, this is the time to do it. You won't be sorry.


If you want to see the rest of Erik Everhard and Veruca James's scene together, check out the Doctor Adventures scene, "I'm Not A Doctor, But I Play One On Brazzers"

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