Brazzers Porn Stars Veronica Avluv and Bonnie Rotten

By Randall Vicks on July 02, 2013

Well, I hope you guys are feeling dirty today, because we're crankin' it up to 11 in today's video. We caught up with sexy starlets Veronica Avluv and Bonnie Rotten before they shot Brazzers Live 35: Veronica's Fantasy to ask them a few questions, and you can practically feel the heat coming at you through the monitor as the two trade sexy stories. It's pretty obvious when you watch the video that the lovely ladies are dying to fuck each other, and that's probably what made Brazzers Live 35 such a great one. Not only was it Bonnie Rotten's last gangbang as a teenager (they grow up so fast...), but it was also a sneak peek into busty MILF Veronica Avluv's dirty little mind. So pull up a chair, grab some lube, and listen as Veronica and Bonnie talk squirting, getting air tight, and... you know what? I can't do it justice. Just watch the video, and thank me later.


If you missed Bonnie Rotten and Veronica Avluv in Brazzers Live 35: Veronica's Fantasy, join Brazzers now to access every single live show from the very beginning!

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