Brazzers Pornstar Ava Addams And Her New Boobs (Part 1)

By Willow Monroe on August 16, 2012

Ava Addams is a MILF so entirely awesome it makes me wish we could hang out and braid each other’s hair, or maybe spend an hour or two licking each other’s pussies. In other words, not only is Ava outrageously hot, but she’s also one smart, fun, and very cool chick. This behind the scenes interview with her will make you realize that she truly is a sextastic sweetheart  of a babe.  In the first part of this  exclusive with Ava, she talks about her scrumptious new tits, why she got them, and how her fans have responded to her choice to go under the knife.  She also lets us know how her doing yoga makes her a better lover, how she stays in shape, and  her fave eats (Ava’s a foodie). Be sure to check out the second part of this interview which includes a much closer look at her new boobs. In the meantime, you’ll want to see them in her new Brazzers scene. Follow the link below to watch the trailer.

NSFW trailer: See Ava Adams in Ava  Addams in the Big Tits At School scene, Ava Addam’s School of Modeling  

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