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Brazzers Pornstar Legend Devon

By Willow Monroe on June 28, 2012

Be still my wildly beating heart! It’s Devon, back from retirement and looking more beautiful than ever. Many of you will remember her fondly from days of yore when her tight twat and rockin’ bod graced your pubescent fantasies. I know it wasn’t just me diddling away to this comely babe back in the day. Her vast multitude of adoring fans is a testament to that fact. ZZinsider caught up with this porn legend behind the scenes of her recent Brazzers flick and she gave us an overview of the highs and lows of being back in the biz. She also gave us the scoop on a potential upcoming project of hers of epic proportions. Be sure to check out the NSFW version of this vid to get a better glimpse how smoking this pornteen gone pornMILF has become. 

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