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Brazzers Starlet Mia Malkova (Part Two)

By Annie Eve on June 14, 2013

Well this is what I must sadly admit is my last ZZInsider post for a while, and I’m so happy to get to spend it with the lovely Mia Malkova. (I’ll be leaving you with the smutastic pervs Chase Dougall and Randall Vicks, so never fear!)

In part two of our exclusive interview, Mia tells us all about her favorite TV shows and which characters she'd most like to fuck (tip - she likes funny guys!). We find out that this bubbly hottie has a dark side, so don’t do anything to make her lose her temper! Miss Malkova talks about the difference between shooting amateur porn and shooting with Brazzers, and between having blonde and brown hair. One of my favorite parts was seeing Mia smile slyly when we asked her about the first time she ever squirted -- you can see on her face she gets wet just thinking about it. I'll let you enjoy her adorable charm for yourself! Until next time, ZZs! 


Brazzers Starlet Mia Malkova (Part One)

NSFW Trailer: Find out what happened to Mia right after this interview in the Dirty Masseur scene "Seek and You Shall Fuck".

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