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Brittany Andrews and Keiran Lee Talk Porn

By Ron Ecstasy on September 12, 2011

Twenty years is a long time in porn. Many performers will crash and burn long before they stay in the game for a couple of decades. I mean,  just look at Kacey Jordan . So clearly there’s more at work to making it in the adult industry than being a hot blonde with big tits and an uncanny ability to lick cum off your own face.  Whatever the mysterious qualities might be, Brittany Andrews seems to have them. She’s smart, organized and knows how to make Keiran Lee REALLY uncomfortable (Hint: tell him you want to fuck his ass with a strap-on).

This is a unique behind-the-scenes vid because not only is Andrews a heavily decorated veteran of the business—she used to room with Jenna Jameson—but Brittany really breaks down the steps to porn success. As far as I can tell it goes like this.

-Make good friends in the industry

-Don’t do things that freak you out

-Maybe do a mainstream thing every once in a while

Aside from keeping her family well separated from her fucking, Andrews also keeps her cunt clean by only fucking with condoms.  That doesn’t stop her from enjoying her work though, in this scene at the doctor’s office gets fucked way hard by the one and only Keiran Lee. 

Watch Brittany Practice Her Trade at Brazzers NSFW

(NSFW) Brittany Andrews Mobile Porn

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