Catching up with Charley Chase

By Olive Day on April 07, 2011

Natural chested Charley Chase, and recent top 10 babes on ZZinsider’s Natural boobs list, may have been tipped off about the questions we were going to ask her for the 69 seconds game because she had answers before we finished are questions! I’m sure no one would ruin the fun for Charley, so I’m going to go ahead and assume she is a huge fan of ZZinsider and watches all of the videos we put up. In any case, this interview is much like our others. We got a gorgeous girl showing some much appreciated cleavage, being stumped when asked what she would rather give up sex, oral sex or masturbation and a public confession of starting an orgy off camera. What separates Charley from the other interviews is that her most painful sex act is spooning, not pile driver or reverse cowgirl which blows my mind. Isn’t spooning the go to for horny lazy people?

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