Check Out Capri Anderson In Action

By Stefanie Saint on October 28, 2010

After writing about tabloid sensation and ZZ babe Capri Anderson, we felt like reminiscing about all the good times we’ve personally had with Capri. And there have been a few. We got to know Capri in (NSFW links) ‘My Stepmom’, then fell in love with her in ‘Lady Classes’ and began to do lewd things to ourselves while watching her in ‘Sexual-Her-Ass-Meant.’

Charlie Sheen is one insanely lucky. He must just sit awake at night filing away his many different pacts with the devil.

In case, unlike us, there are those who can’t spend their work day watching girl on girl action we decided to cut a clip of Capri flexing her acting skills. And man, this girl can act. And by 'act' we mean get groped by another hot chick.

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