Christmas Awesomeness with Alexis Texas

By Willow Monroe on December 22, 2011

It’s buxom blonde, Alexis Texas, being interviewed behind the scenes of Brazzer’s holiday production , XXX Nightmare Before Christmas.  Catch her practicing such fabulous lines from the script as, “we fucked all the dicks in Halloween town". She plays it all pouty with sultry lips, explaining that her character is supposed to be sad. Later, Alexis reveals tantalizing tidbits about sex in both her professional and private life that will get your juices going. She certainly got my sauces stirring when admitting how much she enjoys fucking both on and off screen.  But don’t let her hotness fool you. This chick is a Daddy’s girl at heart. And she really does look out for the old man. Seeing as how she ruined porn for him, she very graciously abstains from appearing on the Howard Stern show. Wouldn’t want to ruin that for him too. Now if that’s not love, I don’t know what is! Alexis is equal parts sexy starlet and sweetie pie. It’s impossible not to adore her.

NSFW:See Alexis Texas in the XXX Nightmare Before Christmas at Brazzers

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