Cindy Dollar: ZZ Eurobabe Montage

By Olive Day on May 18, 2011

While the bad weather is keeping everyone in an emotional slum, it has given me more time to focus on things that really matter like European pornstars. I knew that our next montage would be of the beautiful Cindy Dollar who hails from the Czech Republic, so I was up all night memorizing really helpful Czech phrases like, miláček (sweetheart), Kolik let ti (Kiss me) and Jsi sexy (You’re sexy) just in case Cindy shows up at any point in my life. Unfortunately, Mám přítele (I have a boyfriend) so I won’t be able to use the kiss me line, and I couldn’t find a translation for ‘Can I have a PG hug’ so I’m pretty bummed.  I guess it’s always good to know though.

Cindy Dollar is a gorgeous 29 year old blonde pornstar from the Czech Republic and has been in seven very sexy scenes for Brazzers.

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