Danny Mountain Bangs His Way to Stardom

By Stefanie Saint on December 21, 2010

For men whose job entails being naked under hot lights and otherwise doing things that most of save for the comfort of our own home with  three or four of our closest friends, male pornstars can be elusive.

For our first male pornstar interview we bring you Danny Mountain; specialist in banging, arbiter of ass, master of the universe…or at least master of porn valley. If you don’t know who Danny Mountain is, you haven’t been watching enough porn. And that's just a shame.

While we were earlier worried about Danny's eye/hand coordination (a workplace safety hazard in our book) in his interview with Dylan Ryder, he seems to have bounced back. Danny opens up about what it’s really like to bang hot chicks all day, the secret of Viagra and the crazy pornstar he once dated. All of that and he still manages to get a few digs in at friend and fellow Brit, Keiran Lee.

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