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Dickorette: Behind the Scenes

By Ron Ecstasy on October 11, 2011

A cig craving starts in your brain and rots its way down into your soul. First you feel a little anxious,  maybe you tap at your desk. Then you're pissed, if the guy sitting next to you listens to Natalie Imbruglia one more time on his fucking headphones you'll lose your mind. If you've gone this long without  running out of the office to have a smoke then you're probably about to puke. This sucks, what the smokers of the world wouldn't do to be free from this awful necessity.

Thankfully, the ZZ team has a very NSFW solution, Dickorette! You don't really want a cig, you want a giant cock shoved down your throat. I'm pretty sure it works, Asa Akira really likes it. See the way she rips off her shirt and everything?

Ok, so the scriptwriters really went wild with this one, but sometimes you just have a eureka moment. When it all just clicks and you realize that the whole thing is just gonna write it's self. I imagine this to be how the dickorette bit came to be. The whole thing is just so perfect.

NSFW Check out Asa Taming Her Addiction at Brazzers

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