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Emma Starr Montage

By Olive Day on August 24, 2011

Sometimes pornstar montages are just so touching and beautiful, we have a hard time fitting the raw sexual energy in with the proper soundtrack. While we may not have found the right song for the scene, it’s pretty funny to see an early 20 year old motor boat an incredibly sexy MILF to a song that should be on one of those Solitudes CD’s you can find at your local pharmacy store. Who buys those anyways?

In this montage, we watch Emma Starr get nibbled upon by a younger/greasier looking version of James Deen (although he’s pretty young himself) and motorboated to the soothing sounds of techno.

Emma Starr is seriously so sexy; I cannot get over how gorgeous her figure is! It’s also pretty sexy that she has kept her piercings at that age, I don’t know why, but that really turns me on!

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