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Eurobabe Margo on set with ZZ Insider

By Summer on November 07, 2011

I've said it before and I'll say it again: European women are HOT. In this Eurobabe montage, we go behind the scenes with sexy blond bombshell Margo on the set of Brazzers Big Tits in Uniform.

In this Brazzers scene, the sexy Russian pays tribute to the Men who fight for their country. She shows her respect and appreciation the way any man would want to be appreciated... By dressing up in a smoking slutty number and giving him her all. Click on the NSFW version to see how clothes don’t do this Babe's body justice. Call me biased, I have a weakness for blondes & Eastern European women, and Margo has the best of both worlds.  She certainly was a treat for me in this video.

On set with our ZZ crew, you can see she has an upbeat, laid back attitude and looks like a lot of fun to work with. If only I would be so lucky, she has one of the best enhanced tits in the biz in my humble opinion.... Check out her first ever scene with Brazzers Here. I hope there is many more to come.

NSFW: See Margo in Action At Brazzers

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