Evan Stone: How to be a Male Pornstar

By Olive Day on July 26, 2011

 Here at ZZinsider we get a lot of e-mails and tweets asking us what it takes to become a male pornstar. Sometimes people even solicit dick pics in hopes of becoming the next Rocco Reed, Keiran Lee or Ron Jeremy! Okay, maybe not the hedgehog, but I bet they’re all jealous of his massive wang.

At an adult expo, the iconic Evan Stone took it upon himself to explain once and for all what it takes to be a male pornstar. He’s a fast talker, so you may have to get your paper and pen ready before clicking play. I’m assuming you already know this, but there is some NSFW language in this video. Fortunately there is nothing that would really lead anyone to believe what you’re listening to is nasty, so I’d put on my earphones at my desk if I were you and listen away! If anyone inquires, just tell them it’s a TED Talks episode.

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