Nobody Wants a Dildo-Gram!

By Olive Day on July 18, 2011

This video is NSFW if your boss doesn't appreciate dildos.

Have you ever suffered from an unwanted dildogram during a meeting, first date or family function? Well worry no more! Pick up the phone and dial 1-800-NO-DILDO today to get rid of those pesky undesirable grams that make you look like a huge penis. Okay, these may not be real, but this video is pretty f---ing hilarious!

Made by a group of comedians that go by the name of Waverly Films who live in Brooklyn, their viral video has been sweeping the interwebs by storm. I’m kind of bummed that Dildograms aren’t real, because I can’t think of one situation that I’d be bummed out about getting a free dildo. Except if it’s an old used one some homeless guy found in the trash then throws at me. I bet Dildograms would get a lot of money from people buy pornstar gifts too. As long as they have a lot of different kind of arrangements to choose from like regular flower shops do, this x-rated gift is a million dollar idea!

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