Everything to Do with Sex Show

By Olive Day on June 08, 2011

A couple of weeks ago our Cameraman was walking around L.A. and came across an expo called “Everything to do with Sex Show”. Since he had his trusty camera, he shot some footage for all of you fine people to show just what we missed. To be honest, it seemed like kind of a creepy sexpo, but I’ve been wrong about these things before. I guess I’m more partial to The Adult Entertainment Expo and Exxxotica where I can see my favourite pornstars hanging out with their fans and check out some state of the art sex-tech. But I guess vibrator vendors and kink lessons are pretty cool too and everyone has to start somewhere!

Apparently there are a shitload of these expos in Canada throughout the year, so check out their website (the background picture looks like Twilight…) to see if there is anything that tickles your fancy at the one near you.

 Also, a message to Canadians: you need to get cooler sexpos!

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