Getting to First Base with Sarah Vandella

By Olive Day on February 17, 2011

We catch up with Sarah Vandella all dressed up and ready to hit a home run in an upcoming Brazzers baseball scene. While we’re a little jealous we weren’t scoring or getting to first base with Sara, we’re more than happy to see her bounce around in her sexy red bra in the locker room. I wonder if she’s switch hitting in this scene? While I know I won’t be able to use every single baseball euphemism in this write up, I will provide you with David Letterman’s Top 10 Baseball Euphemisms for Sex to make up for my short comings.

  • Working the rosin bag.
  • Comebacker.
  • Charging the mound.
  • Riding the pine.
  • Jerking one into the seats.
  • Coming from behind.
  • Doubleheader.
  • Going deep in the hole.
  • The big unit.
  • Visiting Busch Stadium.

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