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Guess the “O” Face: Brazzers Masturbation Month

By Willow Monroe on May 03, 2012

May is Masturbation Month, and in honor of squeezing the cream, chugging the choo-choo, and polishing the family jewels (jewel singular if you’re a gal), Brazzers is hosting a contest to see if you can guess the “O” face in the NSFW version of this vid. To view any NSFW video on ZZinsider simply become a member. It only takes a moment and it’s free! Twenty pornstars are featured but you only need to correctly identify 15 of them for your chance to win a Fleshlight. How well do you know your pornstars? Got ‘em all pegged? Great! Now email and prove it!

*You need to be 18 and over to play and be located in North America

*Contest winner will be announced on May 14th, and entries must be submitted before then. 

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