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Halloween Special Part 3

By Ron Ecstasy on October 26, 2011

"Your big cock is just like your grandfather's big cock"

 This is likely the best line of Lisa Anne’s career. She is, after all, the queen of the babe vampires. And like a crazy porny Madame Bathory she requires the cum of young men in order to live. This is my favorite installment of our Halloween series yet.  We’ve got a lot of mixed up footage, but it’s all hilarious, the sort of botched lines and light moments that make our behind the scenes videos so entertaining.

My favorite part? Well aside from Lisa Anne’s crazy “I fucked your grampa” lines , there’s this whole asshole sacrifice bit going on-- complete with pentagrams and white contact lenses—it’s pretty funny . I’m not sure why the asshole sacrifice requires her to pour wine on herself like eight times, but the soon to be offered to the devil babe doesn’t seem to mind any of the preliminaries. Johnny Sins completes the ritual with a big cock right on target and boy is it a fun time.

Bonus points are awarded for the spontaneous gospel-style asshole sacrifice song and dance routine. Is that the satanic version of communion?

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