Hot Girl vs. Zombie - An AXE Halloween Horror Film

By Miles Holden on October 28, 2011

AXE is known for its cheeky TV ads, and they did not disappoint with this new Halloween spot. Not sure if it actually ran on the boob tube, but thank god for YouTube where the subversive stuff has a home.

The video is safe for work, but without spoiling too much for you, I wouldn’t watch this while eating lunch. Just a heads up, the ending – even though I saw it coming from a mile – made me shudder out loud.

I’m man enough to admit that I sometimes squint or cover my eyes while watching horror movies, you know for the really gory stuff…like seeing a man dig in a dead zombies stomach to see if he chomped on a lost little girl (Walking Dead fans, you know what I’m talking about), but none of that ever made me shudder.

There’s just something about a hot chick – spoiler alert – making out with a zombie when you just ripped his arm off is totally gross, but you can’t look away even though you want to. Gross and strangely fascinating!

I wonder if they make zombie porn…

Ah, If only AXE worked that well in real life. Although if it did, the powers that be would have to seriously update date rape laws, cause if a body spray could make a lovely lady get down with a zombie when moments before she was running for her life, that sounds a lot like a bizarre scented roofie to me.

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