How Condoms are Made

By Olive Day on August 26, 2011

Have you ever stared down at your fully erect penis whilst wearing a condom and wondered, “How did this pesky penis protector come to be on this earth?” I know I’ve stared at many wrapped and erect penises with just that thought. Luckily, the boys over at Billy Boy condoms have put together a very thorough and graphic (although not the kind of graphic we’re used to) video on making everyone’s favorite contraceptive device. While we don’t get to see them tapping the rubber trees in Asia, Billy Boy Condoms walk us through the extremely technical processing procedure in Germany.

I was actually surprised as to how many tests they do on the condoms; it kind of puts that screaming baby in the back of my mind to rest while I’m getting hot and sweaty with my significant other.

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