How to: Get It On at the Office

By Curry Potta on March 07, 2011

We are sure some women have a super mediocre fantasy about doing a particular co-worker, boss or heck even the janitor at your work place. The question that you might ask yourself is how can I get this guy's attention, and if I do finally get a fleeting glance, where the hell could we do it? Well we think we found just the video for you business ladies! This instructional vid will show you what to wear to get your co-worker's attention (if you are a porn star & your boss has super lenient dress codes) and where are the safest places to have sex at work.  ZZ Babe Breanne Benson & super hunk Danny Mountain will be your guide. 

We would love to hear feedback from you. We would like to hear your office sex stories, so be sure to comment.

To watch the hardcore NSFW version of this video CLICK HERE.

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