Jenna Haze in Fleshlightning

By Olive Day on July 12, 2011

If we were to play a word association game & you said Jenna Haze, I’d probably say Fleshlight because when I think of Jenna Haze, I automatically think about how awesome it would be to have a penis. Lucky for a lot of you people out there, you do have a dick and you are able to dip that thing into a Jenna Haze Fleshlight.  I however, have found the next best thing to that feeling; Fleshlightning!

Jenna Haze stars in the new viral video campaign for man’s best masturbatory friend the Fleshlight. Channelling all of those feel good/nostalgic 80’s teen comedies, this video has only been out for one day and has already hit tons of websites, Facebook walls and Twitter feeds. I have to hand it to their promotions department; this one is a real winner! It’s always nice to see one of the hottest girls in porn having a humor about her chosen line of work and a toy that’s a mould of her vagina, ass and mouth.

Click here to go see the awesome Fleshlightning page and gain access to a 40% off deal for any of Jenna Haze Fleshlight’s you wish!  You may as well get them all!

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