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Jessie Rogers: Exclusive ZZ Interview (part two)

By Willow Monroe on August 01, 2012

Jessie Rogers is one up-and-coming pornstar to keep your eye on. Sure she's beautiful, lean, and has a great ass (and with her brand new boobs, she's got even more going for her than before), but what really sets her apart from her peers is passion, plain and simple. Jessie's not in porn for dollars and cents, she's in it out of her love for the industry and her unadulterated desire for sex. Gotta admit, this girl gets me hot. Something about young, pretty, and pervy that does it for me.  In this second part of our in depth interview with her, Jessie lets us know how she balances sex in her personal life with sex for work, as well as what else she gets up to when she’s not shooting porn. Of course, the NSFW version of this vid will give you far more, like an awesome eyeful of Jessie’s lovely ladybits, and takes from her upcoming Brazzers scene with Ramon.  

See the first segment of our interview with Jessie here.

NSFW: Not familiar with Jessie Rogers' spectacular ass? Check her out  in Implant My Ass

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