Julia Ann and Rocco Reed: From the ZZ Vault

By Olive Day on July 19, 2011

Our site has been around for a while now pumping out tons of content while making people incredibly anxious to get home and fap away to the hottest adult stars. While we do take pride in making people horny, we also take pride in the exclusive interviews we have on our site. We’re nearing our one year anniversary in October and have decided to go deep inside our vault of videos to show some of our new readers what they’ve missed.

Today we take a stroll down memory lane with the one and only Julia Ann and the incredibly sexy Rocco Reid. They take the lead in this video asking each other some pretty hot and heavy questions from dick size to the highlights of working in the adult industry. Seriously, these two are so adorable together, but I think that’s just the amazing aura that Rocoo Reed gives off around women, he’s been in a couple duo interviews with girls on ZZ and all of them melt just like butter.

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