Katsuni: Behind the Scenes on Sex Fighter II

By Olive Day on August 08, 2011

By now, you must’ve already seen the Sex Fighter II scene on Brazzers except if you’re at work haven’t which is sad so you should probably take a fap break in the bathroom stall or something to check out what you’re missing.

But, if you’re not into exhibitionism, I guess you’ll have to settle for this behind the scenes footage we snagged from the Katsuni photo shoot on set for the Street Fighter parody scene. I’m not usually one for parody scenes, but I have to admit this one had everything I needed.

“Strap on your bandana and get ready to throw the gauntlet down as Katsuni and Keiran Lee compete in a single tournament to determine the champion of sex fighting. Will it be Katsumi, an experienced fighter who has mastered the biggest cocks in all the land, or Keiran, a street wise sex fighter, undefeated in pussy pounding? Who will emerge as the victor? Press "Start" to continue.....” (YouTube)

Want to see Sex Fighter for yourself on Brazzers.com? Click here!

NSFW: Katsuni Mobile Porn

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