Keiran Lee Becoming a House Hold Name

By Willow Monroe on February 16, 2012

It seems Keiran Lee is becoming a household name on American soil. Last week he made an appearance on The Jerry Springer Show. Then, on the same day, he got a shout out from Chelsea Handler on her late evening show. Sure, she stumbled over his name, and mistakenly referred to him as a girl, but she got the one million dollar price tag on his penis right. And though Keiran hasn’t quite achieved the same status as Ron Jeremy, his image is slowly infiltrating the swirling labyrinthine medley that makes up the mural that is pop culture today.

Most surprising to me is the hero-worship that Keiran inspires from his male fans. It’s not uncommon for our “Mr. Big,” to be stopped on the street and approached by a dude who wants an autograph or pointers on becoming a porn star. The gals got a thing for Mr. Lee as well. One such star-struck young woman made a public pass at Keiran on Springer last Tuesday. Dissatisfied with prior paramours performances and the absence of any sort of orgasm, she cast her line on daytime TV hoping to lure a bigger (and possibly better) fish. Too bad Keiran has a girlfriend. Felt bad for the cutie who had yet to experience the joys  of cumming (she can have my number!). Oh, well. Keiran may be super, but he can’t save every dame that needs a good fuck. He only has one dick afterall, even if it is big enough for two.  

Keiran Lee is live doing an AMA on reddit right now! Click here to ask this star anything! 

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