Keiran Lee: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

By Olive Day on February 03, 2011

Women love him, men want to be him, and every pornstar has been with him. Like a well-executed scene for Brazzers, Keiran Lee delivers an interview that is pleasurable for both men and for women. Although, I will warn you men of the internet, the first question may get you a little embarrassed with the size of your trouser snake because the size of Keiran’s is closer to a python.  I can honestly say this interview has left me a little wordless; I had no idea that Keiran was such an open and charming guy! He has no problem talking about the time that he walked off set, how long he lasts in the real world and admit that his buddy Danny Mountain is the better footballer.

 I think I might have to ditch the, “no Keiran in anyone’s fantasy porn house” rule long enough to put him onto my list…. I may have to fight Stefanie Saint but I watched, ‘Everybody was Kung Fu Fucking’ this morning so I’m pretty sure I could kick her ass!

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